Wild the Coyote | The Viper Room, LA | Music Photography

When I edit images from a show, I like to have the band’s music playing, especially if it is a  new to me band!  It is interesting to hear the studio sound right after seeing them live.

The other night I got to catch the last few songs of Wild the Coyote before The Gabrielz took the stage at The Viper Room. I enjoyed their set. It was loud, it was rocking. Energetic drummers are my absolute favorite to create images of and Wild the Coyote’s drummer ecstatically and ferociously pounded away on his drums. The guys delivered a solid set of alternative rock sliding towards the rock side on that seesaw in the live show.

Their studio recordings seesawed in the other direction, heavier on the alternative side. The songs sound like that song, you know the one, the song you find yourself singing along to while listening to the radio on an afternoon drive without knowing how you know the lyrics.  Several, I thought I knew already, maybe I caught that song at the show?  No, but seriously, I feel like I know the song that just started playing in this moment that I am typing…. “Everybody Knows.” (and no, it is not a cover of Leonard Cohen; but I must go listen to that right now).  Wild the Coyote’s studio work has an air of familiarity about it though I prefer the harder sound of their live show.

(what can i say? the dirtier the guitar, the rougher the bass, the harder the drums, the more i like… any wonder that People’s Blues of Richmond is tops for me – their cd has been on permanent repeat in my car for months and their live show is ridiculous, on the edge energy that fuels my desire to make that one image that shows what it sounded like and felt like to be there at that moment, that is always my goal with music photography. PBR, PBR!)

Thanks for the night of music, Wild the Coyote, I’m happy that I was able to catch a bit of your set. Y’all got the energy pumping at The Viper Room and you have made me miss my chain wallet  😛

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Sunsets in Bushwick

I love a good sunset when I am in the middle of nowhere, and the cities always surprise me with their glory in reflections and silhouettes. Brooklyn sunsets are glorious. Whenever I would glance up and see this view reflected in the apartment building next door, I knew to stop whatever I was doing, grab my camera and run to the roof.

bksunset-3-CovingtonImagery-SM bksunset-1-CovingtonImagery-SM bksunset-4-CovingtonImagery-SM

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Moon over Agoura


I love the hours between dusk and dawn.  Sunsets, Sunrises.  Those mysterious colors that happen before in the hour leading up to the explosions of colors.  And the dark.  The dark when the only light is from the moon or a sliver of the moon.  Stars.  The hours between dusk and dawn are some of my favorite for my personal photography.
The other night there was a half moon peeking through a cloudy dark night.

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Scott Land The Puppet Man in LA


Team America wins on many levels, and the sex scene is one of the best in any movie!

Lots of things happen with ‘movie magic,’ they can pretty much do anything in post nowadays, but that movie magic happened because of sheer awesome talent. See, those are marionettes worked by the fabulous Scott Land. He manipulated every nuance of that loving and I was in awe of him before I had the pleasure of knowing him.

Fast forward a lot of years and I was introduced to him through a mutual friend and then I found myself crouching in the wings of a theater making images of him working his magic on Michael Jackson, Obama and (my favorite) a chicken.  Yes, a chicken, a regular grocery store chicken!!! Scott said the chickens always move better on the 3rd day but that they get pretty stinky by the fourth. Scott and his wife, Lisa, are one heck of a talented team (and awesome people) – they make and paint the puppets that are used for his shows and by lots of other puppeteers around the world. Their work is incredible – Scott Land Marionettes!!

The show was mindblowing.  Seriously, how does he do all that. Not only do the puppets move with intention and grace, they have the right expression for each of the moves. Michael Jackson feels it when he goes down on one knee and Obama gives a knowing glance at the audience and you don’t feel like you are looking at puppets anymore. Magic.

If you ever get the opportunity to experience Scott Land’s show, I highly recommend you take it. You will be blown away!!!

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ThatWasThen and The New Peter Gabrielz | The Viper Room, LA | Music Photography

ThatWasThen was furiously rocking as I walked up the stairs at The Viper Room and I was stoked to hear loud genuine rock fill the room. ThatWasThen’s dirty guitars and soulful harmony provide an earnest fusion of modern and vintage rock in an electric live show. … Continue reading

The Conduit | Uncle Studios, LA | Music Photography

4/25/15 Music Photography

The über talented Jessica Richmond AKA LadyJ AKA Miss Alaynius and her partner the beautiful Lauren Armstrong AKA Lucid Lola let me know that they were going to be performing at Uncle Studios, a hidden art space/rehearsal studio buried in Van Nuys.  The area was complete with crazy people shouting on the street about pissing and let me know that this night was going to be about the art, the music, the dedicated fans who would head so deep in the valley to catch a gander at their creation.

The Conduit.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2WLVa1pX0IQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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A.R.T./New York 2015 Spring Benefit | Event Photography

I look forward to the A.R.T./NY gala every year. The evening is full of wonderfully talented and passionate people. A.R.T/NY works tirelessly as a supporter of NYC’s non for profit theatres. They do everything to ensure that Off Broadway always exists and that performers, directors, designers have places to create and work their craft. A.R.T./NY awards grants for funding, provide rehearsal spaces,  and help the emerging voices in theatre.
This year, they honored Lisa Cleff Kurtz and Pam MacKinnon, two very influential women who have dedicated their lives to excellence in theatre.
Lisa received the 2015 Honoree of the Kathy and Howard J. Aibel Award for her philanthropic efforts on behalf of A.R.T./NY. Lisa Cleff Kurtz has worked all sides in the theatre world as an actor, dancer, writer, casting, producer and investor. She ensures that the talent of the theatre continues by her tireless efforts and her sparkling and engaging personality make her loved by all.
The 2015 Honoree of The Abe L. Blinder award was presented to director, Pam MacKinnon for her work in the nonprofit theatre field. Her successes on Broadway with “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and “Heidi Chronicales” (among many others) have never kept her away from the non profit Off Broadway theatres. We all hung on her every word as she gave a passionate talk on the importance of these small non for profit theatres that are giving artists the opportunities to become great! I could only imagine how captivating she is as a director.
The evening was hosted by Christine Lahti with awesome performances from CAP21 sprinkled throughout the evening.


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The Baltimore Love Project (for Lauren) | The Roxy, LA


When  Jess Pfohl tells me something awesome is going down, I pay attention.  That girl only knows the best and most talented peeps.  So when she hit me up and said that one of her friends was going to be creating a mural on the side of The Roxy, I knew I had to be a part of saving the magic.  It became even more evident how special this mural was when I met the artist, Michael Owen.  The LOVE mural is a tribute for Lauren Freeman, a young lady from Baltimore who was killed in a hit and run in 2010 outside of the Roxy Theater. Her family and friends came to watch Michael paint the mural.

Michael Owen created the Baltimore Love Project to bring communities together by spreading love through street art. & he is doing that.

The Baltimore Love ProjectThe Baltimore Love Project

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