The Whigs | The Broadberry, RVA| Music Photography



The Whigs were the first show on The Rock and Roll Highway adventure that I found myself having last summer. They were also one of my top 5 favorites of the 26 bands that I created images of in 16 different cities. I was very excited when I found out that they would be performing at The Broadberry, one of the best venues in Richmond, VA. They are awesome. They are exciting. They are rock. Their show was just as raucous and groovy as I remembered. The Whigs somehow have managed to blend a perfect mix between tight hooks and raw energy & I am a huge fan.  They also wrote one of my favorite lines
“there’s too many towns that I never have met and there’s too many people to find”
I’m glad I found The Whigs.

DJ Williams Projekt with Karl Denson at The Broadberry | Richmond, VA| Music Photography

DJWP was the first show that I pointed a ‘real’ camera’s lens at. That was back in 2007 on a cold winter’s night at Cafe Diem when they had their weekly (always packed) residency. In the years since, their funky has gotten funkier, they’ve jazzed up their jazz and they have kept rocking the f’ out of everyone who comes to a show. They were tight back then and now they are somehow tighter because of dedication and lots of time putting in the work. These guys work hard and love every minute of the gift that they give to everyone who comes to see them.

The night at The Broadberry, one of RVA’s best new music and event space, was fantastic. Karl Denson, wearing an RVA tshirt came to rock a few tunes and celebrate DJ’s homecoming and Mark Ingraham’s, the trumpet players, birthday. The night was a party for everyone there.



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Dance Candy at The Broadberry, RVA | Music Photography


The Flavor Project, oh yes. Say it again, The Flavor Project. When I started my Rock & Roll Highway tour, my good friend and the hella talented, Russell Lacy put a copy of The Flavor Project’s latest album that he recorded out at The Virginia Moonwalker and it dang near got me across the middle of the country. The funky grooves were contagious and had me rocking out as the flat lands rolled on by. I was excited when Mark Ingraham told me that The Flavor Project would be opening for Dance Candy at The Broadberry.

The Flavor Project took the stage and took me on a funky groovy tour lead by the sexy gospel queen Buttafly Vazquez.  Wow.  Just wow.  Wow. They deliver the groove and mix in the hip hop and come out with an all over —>WOW,<— sound that keeps the crowd dancing and everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Ever since I met up with the members of Dance Candy  in a parking garage on a cold rainy day, I’ve wanted to see them jam together.  They were sexily sleek on that chilly day and I already knew the star factor of each member as individual musicians… so put them all together?…  well, tearing down the roof is an understatement.  The music is HOT HOT HOT. They can do any song from any era and I especially love the covers of current radio hits.

Samantha Reed – Vocals
Steven Boone – Guitar/ Vocals
Jerel Crockett – Keys/ Vocals
Derrick Englert – Bass
Joshua McCormick – Drums
Mark Ingraham – Horns/ Percussion

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Night 29 of The Rock and Roll Highway with The Southern Belles | The Broadberry | RVA


I made it back to RVA (Richmond, VA) in time to get a good nights sleep before The Southern Belles put a cap on the Rock and Roll Highway adventure with a show at The Broadberry.  Getting to catch them a 2nd time on my journey was a treat as they are one of my home town bands that I have been introduced to this year.  The take you on a country, jazzy, rock and funky journey of psychedelic fun.

DJ Williams Projekt | The Broadberry, RVA| Music Photography

What can I utter about the DJ Williams Project that I haven’t already?  If you don’t know them, you should, and if they are ever in your town, get to the show and be ready to boogie.  Led by the ridiculously talented, DJ Williams (Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe) the DJWP has kept the funky groove going for over a decade.

Check them OUT.  5/27/14

RVA Fashion Week at The Broadberry | Covington Imagery

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I headed down to The Broadberry to capture images of the RVA Fashion Week show.  Would the stage be extended, how would it be set up?  The club had been transformed with all the tables cleared and a long runway going down the center with rows of chairs on either side.  Richmond came out in their best to vie for best dressed with the models swishing down the runway in designs by Chilalay, Angelina Cooper, Amanda Campbell, Abigail Mpofu, Ashley Church, Candace Parrish, Markie Colden, Nijole Bailey, Ryan Azia, Stuart King, Lakisha Greene, Kamala Bhagat, and more!!  It was neat to see how the space of The Broadberry can be transformed to accommodate any event.  

If you worked on this show as a designer, make up artist, hair stylist or model, please shoot me an email at   I would like to make sure you are all properly credited and am looking to build a team for upcoming shoots.  Thank you for not cropping my images and linking back to my site if you repost.

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Jackass Flats, Sturgeon City and Tarrant rock The Broadberry | Covington Rock

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating!  The Broadberry is EXACTLY what RVA has been needing.  It is the perfect spot for anything from a birthday party to a fashion show to a night of rock!  I was very excited to finally see some live music play the big stage, especially with one of my forever favorite bands, Jackass Flats headlining.  The place was packed and everyone was smiling.  How can you not?  They have candied bacon.  & it is as delicious as you think it is!

The Broadberry, Candied Bacon

Another great thing about The Broadberry is the incredibly long bar and awesome staff.  There are great people behind the bar AND a lot of them!  What other venue in town can you actually get to the bar and order a drink easily during a packed show???

The Broadberry Staff


Tarrant started the evening off right with their Americana Rockin’ style.  I adore Jordan Tarrants voice, rich and emotional, he weaves a story that pulls you right.  The band is made up of all star players in Jared Pool, Chrissie Griffith, Dusty Ray Simmons, Craig Harmon & Russell Lacy.


Next up was Sturgeon City.  They had played a softer version of their rocking string grass set for The Broadberry’s ‘soft opening.’  On this night,  on the big stage in the back, their set got a whole lot louder, more rambunctious and rocking.

The first two bands had everyone at The Broadberry pumped!  Have I mentioned what an awesome space it is yet?  Haah.  The Broadberry brings the happy!

Everyone was pumped for Jackass Flats and they brought all the badassery that makes the crowd want to dance about in jubilance and glee.  Their rocking, mischievous bluegrass sound makes it impossible to stand still, you have to dance.  Have to.  It is hard for me to stop for a moment to make a good image.

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